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NetShareWatcher is a great tool to monitor a local network
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NetShareWatcher is an application developed by Nsasoft. As well as other programs of this company, the focus of the program is on monitoring local networks and auditing security standards. That means that you can audit sharing violations within your network.
After a quite lengthy configuration process, where you set the scope of your network, the groups and privacy permissions for each group, and select file types, NetShareWatcher will be ready to work for you. If someone in your network sets a private company file as "Share to Everyone" in the network, the NetShareWatcher will notify you promptly, showing you the file and the device that is causing the violation. NetShareWatcher will also detect if employees are sharing illegal files, such as video or music files.

As a plus, the program will also work as a file searcher and manager for network shares. It does a pretty good job and will save security administrators' time. So, instead of having to constantly monitor the network for any sharing violations, you have NetShareWatcher to do it for you.

Ismael Mireles
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  • Allows you to see folders in your network
  • Works also as a file manager software


  • Interface is not intuitive
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